Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh, the itch

It's mosquito season here in Houston. Joy. And, it seems as though the Easter Bunny left me lots of little spots to enjoy long past the Easter holiday. My ankles look sickly from all of the red spots. So itchy. I feel like they're going to drive me insane, but I know that I've survived it before. I never had an issue when I was pregnant- I guess my blood didn't taste good? I liked that. There are many reasons that I like living in the south. I like to be hot. I hate to be cold. Unfortunately for me, mosquitoes are not on that list.

Hilarity: Jeffrey is definitely his father's son. He was having the greatest time rolling around and saying 'Good Morning' to all of his toys when he heard the typing, and here he is! He LOVES laptops. He's also big for cell phones, lol.

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