Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hoppy Easter!

We had a great time at the Farm, and Jeffrey had an exciting first Easter! He had quite the spread from the Easter Bunny, including a Wii and a fancy blue wiimote (remote). Memaw and Pawpaw went a little overboard, obviously. He had tons of fun looking at the eggs, playing with his bunny rattle, reading his rabbit books, and watching his cousin go on an Easter Egg hunt. With all of the excitement from the weekend (we went to a parade on Saturday), he's been doing pretty well with sleeping. He's taken great naps! He's been waking up pretty often at night still, but he's been passing out immediatly after either eating or if it's time to take another teething tablet. I'll take this oppurtunity to throw out a product rave: Hylands teething tablets. Awesome.

He took the oppurtunity this weekend to work on his army crawl a little more. Yup, he's MOVING! It's incredible. He's super close to getting up on all fours, too. He can do it except for his arms; he just uses his forearms instead. I can't believe how big and mobile he's getting. He's almost 14lbs!

He was so much fun to be with today, and I cannot wait to watch him grow until next Easter. Can you believe that he'll be walking/running on his own Easter Egg hunt?!?

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