Monday, April 26, 2010

Breastfeeding, MD

Are pediatricians and OBs the only doctors that really support breastfeeding? This morning marked incident #2 regarding breastfeeding from someone in the medical field. Seems really strange.

1. I went to see the nurse practitioner about my nasty sty that got all puffy and swollen. I asked to make sure the ointment she was prescribing was okay for breastfeeding. She looked at me strange and asked, "Aren't you stopping at 4 months anyways?" Jeffrey was about 3.5 months at the times. You should have seen the even stranger look when I answered "No." Turns out it's fine, though.

2. Today, I went to see an opthamologist for the same dang sty (yeah, they are NOT going away. Thankfully, they don't bother me anymore. The one on my right eye is not super attractive, but what can you do?). He discussed the procedure I could opt for, but I was not feeling the groove of having my eyelids numbed and then having a needle pressed into the sty to drain it. For someone who hates how close the woman gets when she's waxing my eyebrows, this is not a great option for me. No problem, as he said that it's merely a cosmetic thing. They'll eventually go away, and they don't do anything bad for the eye. He then offered a pill. I asked if it was A-OK for BFing. He said that it wasn't; it would stain the baby's growing teeth. He then just shut down, wrote the prescription and said to get it when I was done with "that." Then, he just left the room. First off, that was a waste of my $35 copay to see a freaking specialist. Second, he made me feel bad about choosing to breastfeed over getting rid of a superficial sty. Sorry, but that's an easy decision for me.

Looks like it's just the ointment and warm compresses for good now!

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