Monday, June 28, 2010

7 Months!

Yeah, I'm a bit late. I just realized that, since we were on vacation on the 19th, that I forgot to do his 7 month post. I also haven't even put up his 6 month picture. I'm obviously behind. Anyways...

He's officially closer to his birthday than his birth day, and that is insanity. His personality is growing and growing; he is a little jokester! I have a feeling that we're in for some good and hilarious times with this little guy. He's all over the place and will consistently find the one thing in the room (at least) that he's not supposed to play with. I can tell that he's really starting to figure things out; he can remember where stuff is (like the door stopper in our room, which is a favorite at the current moment) and is able to manipulate his toys correctly. He amazes me with what he can do each and every day. Although exhausting, this is such a fun age.

7 Month Stats:

  • he's finally crossed the 16lb threshold!
  • still in 3-6 month/Carters 6 month clothing. He's been in this size for forever it seems like. He is starting to chunk up now instead of just getting taller/longer, so I'm sure that's contributing to that. We're getting some good use out of this size!
  • sleep is getting substantially better. He's got a signal to alert us when he's tired, so I nurse him. He goes down with zero issues and is napping for at least an hour, usually more. We're only getting about two naps a day- sometimes just one long one! We still have 1-2 wakings a night, but they're real easy so I'm not concerned.
  • He is eating SO WELL! He loves being a part of meal times and is mastering chewing. He still has issues with taking too big of bites, but he's learning. It's obvious from his poops that he's getting something. He's had quite a bit now- even some turkey sausage (loved.)
  • crawling like a mad man- whether it's a normal crawl or up on his hands and feet
  • pulls up like he was born to do it
  • cruises around the furniture and can even transition from one to another if they're close enough
  • He's working on his balance and has made attempts to stand unassisted/walk. Yikes.
  • babbling a bit: ba and ma seem to be the preferred sounds
  • holds hands in the air when he wants to be held

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