Sunday, June 13, 2010

Swimming, swimming...

One of the best things about my parents buying a new house is that said house has a pool! That, along with a pool party for my SIL's boyfriend yesterday, has meant that we have hit the pool more in the last few weeks than our whole dating career, I'm pretty sure. That's eight years- not a super short amount of time. It's been pretty fun! Jeffrey LOVES the pool and squeals and laughs the whole time. Unless he's relaxing, of course. He almost passed out asleep yesterday in his little floaty thing. Hilarious. I have a feeling that he'll be quite the water baby. Thankfully, we're already all signed up for swim lessons in July. With our fearless little man, it's essential that we teach him how to be safe in the water. Of course, he won't be alone in any regards around the pool, but you have to be ready!

He's quite adorable in his swim get-up: super muscular under his slightly too small rash-guard, looking like a cool dude in his sunglasses, and rocking the swim shoes.haha!Getting him all decked out for the pool is almost more fun than the actual act of getting in it. There is a LOT more swimming in our future over the next few months!

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