Tuesday, June 29, 2010

G: Great Friends

(it's been awhile, I know...) This is a part of my ABCs of (my) Parenting series.

Being a mom/parent is hard work. You're constantly critiqued, criticized, and stared at for every single decision you make. You get random (horrible, usually) advice from everyone who happens to notice that you have a child, especially when said child is in your belly. Add all of this to the fears, doubts, and insecurities that every new mom experiences, and you have a pretty lethal combination. Thankfully, this is where a good support system comes into play. If I didn't have people to use as a sounding board and to validate my thoughts, I would have gone absolutely mad by this point. It's so important to get out there and meet other mommy friends (as hard as that may be) so that you can keep an ounce of sanity in your life and enjoy being around other people who "get it."

I'm so incredibly happy that boredom+ a horrible case of baby bug led me to stumble upon The Bump. There, I joined in on other people's journeys to form their own families, as well. From there, I am now a part of a great support system that has helped me tremendously since even before the BFP. Even though there are differences in parenting styles, there is no judgement. THAT is the important thing. Along with being able to just hop on the computer and feel a sense of connection, it's also introduced me to some great women that actually live here! It's pretty amusing to think of them as friends I met online, but whatever works! Jeffrey has managed to get three (almost four!) friends out of the deal, too.

Along with my internet clique, I'm branching out and continually trying to find other mommy friends in the area. I need to socialization. I go to a weekly New Mom's group, La Leche League once a month, and am part of a babywearing group that meets once a month. I'd love to find more to do on a weekly basis. My days always go substantially better when I get out and meet people. That's what having those friendships does- makes the days so much more enjoyable. I cannot imagine going at this alone.

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Kismet21 said...

Sophia loves her internet friend! There is a free Mom's Support Group on Thursdays at 11 at the Motherhood Center too. I also hope you find some good mommy friends in the swim class you are planning to take. Also, do your neighborhood have a mom's group? I know some of the other big parts of the city do and I have met some other moms through that!