Thursday, June 10, 2010

Good Causes

No matter where I am financially or how busy I am, I will always find the time to help out a great cause. I'm counting on the fact that most people are the same way- especially mothers. Especially when the cause is related to parenting and the fact that it could happen to any one of us.

There's a sweet little girl named Lillian who is absolutely amazing.She's breaking all sets of rules and meeting milestones left and right. A huge reason for that is that she has the most fantastic mother I have ever seen. Talk about an advocate. Sarah is all about doing everything she possibly can (and more) for her daughter in order to make sure that she has the best quality of life that is possible. In just eight months, I'd bet that she knows more about her daughter's disorder than most. She's in contact with the best doctors and therapists around, and she does what she needs to do for Lillian.

Lillian has Prader-Willi Syndrome. While it's obvious that she's on the greater end of the spectrum in terms of milestones and growth, some are not so fortunate. The best way to change all the lives of children and adults with PWS is to find a cure. In hopes of that, two great women, Vanessa and Beth, are running a 10K in honor of Miss Lillian. You can find a link to the right to the donation page; every dollar is a benefit to finding a cure. Also, make sure and follow their blog: Running For Lillian. There, you can learn about Lillian and PWS while also following Vanessa and Beth's journey to finishing that 10K.

I am so excited for them, this opportunity for all of us to help precious people like Lillian, and for all of the accomplishments that Lillian has achieved so far in her short life.

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