Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm on a boat!

Well, I was. For three days, I was cruising in the Atlantic courtesy of Royal Caribbean (sort of, since I did pay them.) Jony, Jeffrey, and I were joined by 22 other family members on Jony's side- half of whom he'd never met before! It was fun getting to know family better and getting to see family members that we rarely see since they live all the way in sunny Florida. We flew into Miami on Friday morning, hopped on the cruise ship, sailed to CocoCay and then to Nassau, and then back into Miami on monday for our flight home. It was a pretty short trip, but it was long enough. You don't want to be surrounded by family TOO long. Plus, we were on an old ship with not a whole lot going on. We did have a great time, though, and we managed to avoid getting too burned. That's a major feat with our pale complexions. Jeffrey had an amazing time and soaked in each and every second of all the admiring and attention that he received from everyone. He's turned into such a flirt.

Some tips for cruising with baby:

1. Be flexible.
2. Choose the early dinner. We were scheduled for the late dinner and had to deal with a fussbot one evening since he was so tired.
3. Get an upgraded stateroom or be prepared to bedshare. Space is a luxury.
4. Pack the necessary items. We took a pop-up sunshade and a portable fan and couldn't have managed without them in such a hot environment.

I'm open to answering any questions you may have about going on a cruise with a tot, so ask away! Check back tomorrow for some pictures of our little traveler.

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