Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bullets and Pictures

I'm still working on getting back into the groove after our vacation. I've managed to keep myself pretty busy and haven't been on the computer nearly as much. I used to do my internet time during nursing sessions, but 10 minute feedings and an active baby have managed to keep me away. So, here's a few updates in bullet form...
  • We have a crawler. Yup, a full out actual crawl. 
  • He's becoming quite adept at pulling himself up
  • his baptism is tomorrow morning
  • he has now had avocado and it's quickly becoming his favorite food
  • he has consistently been sleeping in longer stretches and only waking up once to eat- all with ZERO issues going to sleep. YAY!
  • separation anxiety is beginning to rear it's ugly head
Now that you're basically filled in, here are a few pictures from our trip...

Chicago- riding the train, gazing at the giraffes at the Lincoln Park Zoo, and the Skydeck at Willis Tower
Michigan State University/Odyssey of the Mind World Finals:

Is this not he cutest thing you've ever seen?

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Eclipsed said...

How have I not been following you! I'm glad Chrys posted the follow me follow you post because I've been missing out.