Thursday, October 6, 2011

Things to Remember

With verbal explosion comes a heck of a lot of cute things pouring out of my little boy's laugh. I want to record some of them since it's already hard to remember now! Forget about remembering in fifteen years!

- He says "tank you" ALL the time, even to himself when he picks up a toy
- horses are called "yee-haws"- such a good little Texan ;)
- cars are "conk-conks"
-alligators are "chomp chomp" complete with hand motion. This also extends to both elevators and escalators, lol
-If he hears something loud, he'll put his mouth into an oval shape and go "whoa!"
-whenever there's a slight bump in the car, he yells out "speed bump!"
-he likes to add an "s" to a lot of things. I think that makes it possessive to him- example: "mines" (as in, it's mine)
-his siren sound is flipping adorable
-if he actually goes poo-poo (as opposed to just saying he did for fun), he'll follow it with a "blech" and "stinky" while holding his nose
-he knows what city he lives in! Unfortunately, he also knows the city that daddy works in
-he runs around randomly or in the car yelling "cheetah! cheetah?" since he heard a little boy do that at the zoo, and the cheetah actually came out
-he calls all monkeys "lemurs"

I love hearing my little boy talk, even if he does request to go to the zoo with Aly (my niece) every five minutes.

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