Monday, October 31, 2011

13 weeks!

Here we go- entering that 2nd trimester. I'm hoping that it brings along all the amazing things that it did with Jeffrey, as well. One super exciting thing that happened two nights ago was that we were able to find the heartbeat with an at-home doppler! We'd tried the week previous with no success, so we were SO thrilled when we finally found that little woosh! It definitely has made coping with the gross feeling a bit more manageable since then! Speaking of that, things are way better. The gross feeling isn't nearly as gross, and I'm starting to be a bit more capable of caring for both myself and Jeffrey. The house will come later ;) I'm even having parts of the day where I feel totally normal, so I know that the end is very, very near.

I'm already starting to get the "small" comments that I did with Jeffrey, which is ridiculous. I'm only 13 weeks! I realize I don't look pregnant. At all. However, I'm also aware that I make good sized babies, so I'm not really that worried about it. Plus, my torso is typically twice as long as the people making those comments- lol!

I'm so thrilled about this little nugget and have started daydreaming of nurseries and how much fun the holidays will be with both kiddos next year. I'm sort of feeling girl, but we shall see! Next appointment is Friday.


Renae said...

So glad you're feeling better!

I wish people would learn to keep some comments to themselves. There is always all this comparing going on in pregnancy & parenting. "Oh, that didn't happen to me when I was pregnant", or "oh, my child knew how to do this when he was your child's age". It does get frustrating!

Are you going to be posting belly pictures this time around?

imavera said...

I totally agree!

I will, once there's an actual belly to show! I'm too lazy for the uploading process and all that right now ;) Maybe next week.