Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Such a Happy Halloween!

Jeffrey is such a blast now, so I was really looking forward to all of the Holiday experiences this year. Halloween did not disappoint. He jumped right into the thick of it and loved Trick-or-Treating. He did so great at walking up to each house (even past scary decorations, except one big inflatable cat...I had to pick him up at that one, lol), holding out his bag, saying "tick teet" and then "thank you!" Then he's skip down the sidewalk to do it again! Most of the houses on my parent's street participated, so he'd get all upset and confused on why we were skipping a sidewalk. He'd start going up it, look back at us and say "come on!" So adorable. My niece was there, as well, which he loved. I had a huge smile on my face the entire night. Then, he put on his Halloween pajamas that have a ghost on them and started jumping around yelling BOO. It's all just too much. I cannot wait for what the rest of the holidays have in store for us!