Thursday, November 10, 2011

How I Live

My biggest and most constant battle in life is my urge to be ridiculously lazy. It's by far by biggest downfall, but at least I know and own it. Most of the time, realizing it and dealing with it means that I'm able to actually get stuff done. It's a big reason why I do much better when I'm stressed and have a ton of stuff to do. If it's just one thing, I slack. It's why I did so well in college :)

Anyways, add that in with pregnancy exhaustion? Not a great combination, and I don't even have the minimal effort to fight the urge. So, I choose how to use my limited energy carefully: taking care of Jeffrey's needs (some of his wants, now that I'm feeling better, thank goodness), dealing with food and saving energy to get up and go pee about twice an hour (blech). Where does that leave cleaning, organizing and planning on the list? Nowhere. It's just not there. I try here and there, but not too hard. Mix in the fact that Jony works out of town during the week, and you can just imagine what this house looks like. Now, it's no hoarders and there's no reason CPS would need to be involved, but it is not the optimum living environment, haha. There's at least one toy in every square foot of this house (proving that our kid is ridiculously spoiled, and he has a birthday and Christmas coming up....), sweaters strewn about, the counter tops and table are covered in craziness, and the sink is majorly full. Fun realization? I can get through the four days that Jony is gone by using pretty much every dish we have- no need to do the dishes!

I can't say that I enjoy living in such a dirty house, but I just haven't been able to muster the energy to do anything about it (dirty dishes? gag.) I do feel bad for Jony, though, who walks in to disaster every Thursday night. Eventually, things will normalize. I'll be able to stand up and actually do some manual activity without feeling gross for more than 10 minutes, and my energy will (hopefully) give me some slack. Until then, Jeffrey and I live in ease waiting for the "maid" to come home every weekend.

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Kristin said...

Oh sweetie, I could have written this post myself. Who gives a shit? We will live in filth but our babies get are healthy, get all the attention in the world and have mamas that adore them. That's what really matters :)