Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Big Check

Yesterday, we signed and handed off the final payment for the little baby's arrival into the world! All we have left to do is wait 27ish weeks of pregnancy now ;) It feels quite strange to have it paid so early, especially since we didn't pay for Jeffrey until afterwards. I'm loving it, though. It was so stressful to have hospital bills come pouring in during Christmastime. Bah humbug on that. Plus, we're paying substantially less this time. Majorly. Even more if we get reimbursed at all, which we're not counting on. Would be pretty amazing, though! I loved having a set amount that I knew in total beforehand, so we were able to completely budget it into our holiday spending. Now, it's done! We'll still have to pay for our ultrasound when we have that done, but we did for Jeffrey, as well.

As a reward, the little baby let our midwife find the heartbeat immediately at a beautiful 156 bpm! So, now I'm feeling better, know the little baby is healthy and thriving and can just enjoy the pregnancy until little one decides to slide on out. Love it.

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