Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Stats

Just got back from Jeffrey's 2 year appointment, and all looks fabulous. He's exceeding (by a lot) the developmental milestones and is super healthy. We're apparently doing an awesome job :) He even answered some of the development questions himself. Example: Does he respond to you when you ask him questions? Jeffrey- "yes". Does he jump? Cue Jeffrey jumping in a circle around the floor and then doing his version of the moonwalk. She skipped a few of the mobility questions after that, lol! He was such a ham with the pedi and gave her the side eye when she tried to convince him the bear was the doctor. So, she treated him like a kid instead of a baby! So crazy. He even did the scale where he stands on it himself to get weighed. Gosh, he's old.

Jeffrey is now 27lbs, 35.75 inches- about the height of a 3 year old! I was surprised that he only grew a little over an inch. He seems SO much taller than six months ago. It's a good thing, though, I suppose, because pants are already a problem.

He had one shot and was NOT a fan, but he recovered quickly. Daddy was there since I'm still feeling a little faint today (probably from not really eating yesterday), so that was helpful. We even brought a leftover juice from his party which is quite a treat for him! So, he was over it. He's to report back in one year. When he's 3. Holy moly.

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