Monday, November 7, 2011

14 Weeks!

Officially in 2nd tri! It's exciting to be here, knowing what it has in store for me. I loved the second trimester with Jeffrey; it really was that "honeymoon" phase. Between feeling good again, starting to feel kicks, and the emergence of a belly, there's not really all that bad stuff.

I can tell that I'm getting close to that point. I'm feeling normal 75% of the time now, and food is not quite as repulsive to me as it has been. Most of the time. Sleep is still going relatively well, even though I usually wake up with back pain and have to visit the restroom at least twice each night. I guess since the ickies are staying around a little longer this time, I get to sleep a bit longer, too. Seems like a fair trade. I'm hoping to be able to remain in bed the entire pregnancy this time, especially since we've gotten rid of the recliner that I slept in the last two months with Jeffrey. I'm still in completely normal clothes. It's strange to me, but I seem to be carrying higher this time (not too difficult since Jeffrey was practically halfway out the whole time).

I already updated with my appointment that all went well. Heartbeat of 156! The next appointment is at almost 17 weeks, and I'm currently waiting for a call back about scheduling our ultrasound! I'm hoping to have it before Christmas, but we'll see. I'm still feeling major girl vibes, so I'm itching to find out.

Lastly, I actually have a belly pic this week! Bonus- you get to see my new haircut. However, it should be noted that I take these pictures right before we go to sleep each Sunday. Not exactly my prime time for photos, but it's the only time it gets done. We decided to go with taking the pictures in the same outfit each week to really see the different (eventually, lol)

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Kristin said...

Love your little bump!! I have going back and reading all your posts again :)