Monday, November 14, 2011

15 weeks!

I swore that I was turning 14 weeks this week- oops, lol! I'm getting eerily close to the halfway point, which I know will be here super fast. This weekend kicks off the holidays for us- beginning with Jeffrey turning 2! That'll make the weeks fly by, no doubt. For the most part, I'm feeling pretty good now. I had a rough day yesterday, but I think that was from overdoing it over the weekend plus not eating enough. It was about this time with Jeffrey that I fainted from my low blood pressure, so I'm assuming that the baby is just big enough now where it needs me to eat more. So, I'll start working harder at forcing myself. Unfortunately, I'm still having issues eating. It is getting better, though, thank goodness.

Every so often, my belly pops out where it looks like I'm pregnant. Most of the time, though, it's still fairly normal. No bump picture this week since it's significantly smaller than last week. Maybe I'll do a full belly post next week to celebrate being 4 months. Even with no bump, though, my back is ridiculous. It hurts so bad. I'm going to have to bring it up to my midwife at the next appointment to see what she suggests. If it gets worse, I may even need to e-mail her.

In exciting news, we have the date for our ultrasound! December 17th! Right before Christmas :) I've added a little poll to the right if you have an inclination on what's hanging around in my uterus. 33 more days!

Here's to hoping for starting to feel movement soon!

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Renae said...

15 weeks? How did this happen?! Time is flying by. Hope Jeffrey has a great birthday!