Monday, December 12, 2011

19 weeks!

It is pretty incredible to think that I'm almost halfway! Life should fly by now, seeing as how Jony is back in Houston for good now! It will be so nice to have some help in the evening and to make sure that I'm eating better. It should make a huge impact on my energy level and how I feel. Although, thankfully, save for a blacking out incident this week, I'm feeling much better the majority of the time. I still have moments, but they're not terrible. If I just sit down and relax, it usually gets much better.

I actually have a bump now! Depending on the position of the baby, it's either just a little one or pretty big. I'm still getting used to carrying so differently this time around, and my midwife thinks that the baby is right in the front of the uterus. Strangely enough, I'm still fairly easily wearing regular jeans (although those days are becoming numbered, I believe), but I cannot fit into most of my regular shirts! I'm assuming that when the back gets pushed up towards the front is when I'm nice and large. It's pretty amazing to watch it shrink and grow, though. I'm also seeing movement quite a bit, so it seems I have another active little one on the way! The baby loves when Jeffrey is around/talking to it and will really flip and roll around, which makes me smile. I'm loving "seeing" interaction between my two kids already.

This is an exciting week for us- having Jony home AND finding out what our little baby will be on Saturday! Less than a week! Not to mention all of the fun holiday activities we have going on to keep us distracted!

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Kristin said...

How are you 19 weeks already!?