Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Oh, Happiness!

I imagine it has to be truly hard to not have a fantastic Christmas when you have a child. Seeing it all through their eyes is the most incredible thing I have every experienced in my life. Ever since Thanksgiving, it's been amazing. Jeffrey was so fascinated and enthralled by all things Christmas related: the lights (!), cookies, Santa, our elf Felton, etc. He had a blast entertaining all of the family at our annual Christmas Eve get-together and showing everyone the true spirit of Christmas. Christmas morning brought bright eyes and awe as he saw his presents from Santa and throughout the rest of the gift-giving day. He had such a great time, and I don't regret for a second that the season is behind us. The anticipation of waiting for such a day is nothing in comparison to the memories that I now hold from it. I can, however, look forward to doing it all again with four little eyes shining bright with excitement!

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