Friday, December 2, 2011

It's the Holiday Season!

Now that we're officially in December, I've allowed myself to fully succumb to the Holiday activities. This year is already proving to be an amazing year with Jeffrey, as he's truly starting to understand that there is something special going on. He may not fully understand it all or what's going on yet, but he's getting it enough so that I figured I'd start some of our traditions that we plan to continue.

-an Advent Calendar: we're doing an activity advent. It's nothing fancy- just the activity written on some cards and placed on our wall, but it does the trick. Yesterday's activity was to set up our Advent manger scene, which we'll continue every day until Christmas. It has a sticker and a reading to do each day, and he was so excited about it today (the sticker was a tree :) ). Today, we read "The Nativity." I'm trying to kick it all off with the reason for the season before we really get into some of the other fun stuff.

-Elf on the Shelf: our little elf friend, Felton, showed up this year and captured Jeffrey's heart in a major way. It's only been two days, but Jeffrey gets so excited to find him and tell him that he's going to be good that day. He's also told him multiple times that he wants a dump truck from Santa (and Santa has gotten the message ;) )

-Angel Tree: we already picked out our little angel. There were no boys, but we chose a 2 year old girl who would like some board books. Sometime next week, Jeffrey and I will go shopping and choose a few good books (and probably a bit more, if I'm being honest), come home and wrap it and then take it back to put it under the tree. Last year, he helped give a 1 year old a gift, but I'm betting he doesn't remember.

We've already decked the halls and the outdoor lights were turned on for the first time last night. Jeffrey was in awe! We're already having to drive slow through the neighborhoods so he can see all the lights. We've even taken Jeffrey to see Santa, which didn't go over too well. He was perfectly fine talking to him about wanting a dump truck and his reindeer, but a picture? Not a fan! There are lots of fun activities, crafts and parties coming up in the next month, and I am so excited about every single one of them!

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Renae said...

I love the idea of letting the kids help with the angel. I want to get Parker involved in giving during the holidays to those that need it, and this would be a great way!

Oh & I voted in your gender poll finally! I was waiting to see a belly picture (cute by the way!). My vote wasn't really based on anything other than the feeling I got when I seen the picture. I voted girl! :)