Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Catching Up

I think having a person equated with the baby inside of me now has made me fully realize that there are going to be two of them taking over the house, which means substantially less time to just sit my butt on the couch. So, I'm adding to my To-Do list finishing up all of Jeffrey's photo books. Here my little boy is living the high life as a two year old with his baby books only up to 9 months up on the shelf. The likelihood of me finishing them once Gavin is born? Pretty slim. So, I'm forcing myself to just do it. I already have the photos uploaded since I put some on a share site every month for out of town family, so it's not really all that complicated. It was a nice realization to see how much Shutterfly has changed their process of making the photo books; I love the customization! I've wanted that for so long, so it should make it a bit more fun to slap these together. I just finished up the 9-12 months book, so only a few left to go. Depending on how many pictures there are from 1-2, that'll be either one or two books. Then, each birthday is getting it's own book. That'll get me all caught up until he's 3!

It's been so crazy looking back at some of these pictures from when he was so young. It's hard to believe that he was ever so small. It truly is amazing when you really force yourself to see how much they have grown. I'm glad that it's so much easier to handle since I know there's another one coming that gets to be itty bitty again (even if it is for just a short while).

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