Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What will it be?!?

The BIG ultrasound is Saturday morning! Just a few more days to cast your votes on what you think is residing in that little bump!

Old Wives Tales:

  • heart rate is greater than 140: GIRL
  • belly is higher, but shaped like a basketball: GIRL/BOY
  • my face is the same as pre-pregnancy: BOY
  • age of conception + year of conception= even= GIRL
  • Acne is definitely present= GIRL
  • craving sweets= GIRL
  • Jeffrey's first word was mama= GIRL (I'd never heard of this one, lol)
  • Since I'm my parent's last child, I'm apparently going to have kids in the same order= GIRL
  • Legs are still lean= GIRL
  • extra moody= GIRL
  • I eat the middle pieces of bread= GIRL (although I always have...)
  • I'm clumsy= BOY (again, I always am)
  • Jeffrey is interested in the baby= GIRL
  • prefer to rest on my right side= GIRL (interesting because I did prefer the left side last time!)
  • Daddy's gaining weight= GIRL
  • Left breast is bigger than the right= GIRL
  • the nausea stuck around a LOT longer= GIRL
  • feet are colder while pregnant= BOY
  • leg hair is growing the same/slower= GIRL

Gender Predictions:

JustMommies: GIRL
thebump Chinese Gender Chart: BOY
Labor of Love: GIRL/BOY
Babyman: BOY
Shettles: BOY
Ring test: says both, so I'm not a fan ;)

The final tally:
BOY: 8
GIRL: 17

Yikes. I suppose we'll see just how accurate these OWTs really are in 3 days!

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