Monday, December 19, 2011

The "To Do"s

It's a long list. Seemingly longer than when we were prepping the house for Jeffrey. I think that's mainly because we just moved all the crap that was in his room into our "office," or junk room with a desk/computer in it. This room is out of control and filled with way too much stuff than any normal family should own. Obviously, we never use any of it, so we'll probably be taking a hefty donation to our local donation shop. I'm excited about that. The "office" will soon begin it's transformation into being the coolest, totally non trashed out new big boy bedroom for Jeffrey. Gavin will be moving into the current nursery, which will be revamped, of course. In doing this, we have to move the actual office stuff into our bedroom. There are a bunch of catches with every step of this plan, and I hope that by starting now we can get it done by May. That's not really that much time, especially when you have a list this extensive/long. Wish us luck.

  1. clean out stuff/donate
  2. go through papers/files; organize, scan, shred, etc. (this one sucks the most, I think)
  3. cut desk to new proportions
  4. move small couch in bedroom up to farm
  5. take down stupid random door into closet hallway in bedroom
  6. put newly cut desk in new place
  7. set up computers and office stuff in bedroom
  8. final clean and clearing out of Jeffrey's new room
  9. paint Jeffrey's room
  10. build bed, nightstand, bookshelf and desk (yup, we're crazy. Cheap and crazy)
  11. when finished, install furniture and other miscellaneous shelves and such
  12. buy and install closet organization for Jeffrey's room
  13. decorate Jeffrey's room
  14. transition Jeffrey into awesome new room
  15. paint wall in Gavin's room
  16. install new shelves
  17. decorate Gavin's room
It's going to be a lot of work, but we should end up with two awesome boys rooms that they'll both love. Our biggest issue is finding the time to actually do it, but it's a pretty good incentive to finish it before there are two boys to work our timing around!

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