Monday, December 19, 2011

20 Weeks!

In all of the excitement of finding out we're having another baby boy, it completely slipped past me that I'm 20 weeks now! Half-way! I feel like things are finally starting to move along now. That may be the holidays, Jony being home or the fact that I'm feeling normal again, but I'm happy with it. I'm so excited for live with my two little boys. Now that little one has a name and a future that's a little easier to fantasize about, I feel so much more connected to him. I did before, but it's so much stronger now. There's just something about using proper pronouns and proper nouns that really brings it home. He's also starting to move around even more, and it's become super obvious from the outside even. Just like Jeffrey, though, he's not a fan of letting his daddy feel.

As I said earlier, I'm finally in that pregnancy honeymoon stage! I'm really enjoying feeling good again and starting to be able to resume normal living. My little bump is starting to really come out to play, and I love being able to hold and love on my baby boy. Everyone is so excited about another little man in the family, and they're all talking about hitting the stores for Christmas presents for him. Not necessary, but it's not possible to tame excited grandparents!

This should be an amazing week of pregnancy- finally knowing it's a little boy, feeling great and celebrating Christmas with my awesome family! Last year with just three stockings hanging above the piano :)

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