Tuesday, November 11, 2008

another BFP

I was on my daily computer schedul: FF (inputting my temp, stalking, etc.), e-mail, and then on to Facebook when I saw an intriguing status: Friend is pregnant!! I proceeded to be the good friend and wrote "Congratulations!" on her wall and asked when she is due only to have a reply returned to say that she just took the test last night. Eek! I was shocked. There is no way that I would post that so soon! I actually doubt I'll have anything on there until I'm pretty far along (at least 3 months) into my pregnancy. I've got to give myself and J the chance to let everyone important to us know in person first! She actually had someone comment on her status saying "thanks for letting me find this out on facebook." I know I have good friends who would be so disspointed if that's how they found out about me! 

On the charting front, I had a temperature drop today. If last cycle taught me anything, I'll probably be seeing some spotting tomorrow and welcoming AF on thursday. We shall see!

-CD 31: 10 DPO and a substantial temp. drop
-50 days until we're TTC! 

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