Saturday, November 8, 2008

Starting anew

Now that I don't have too much to worry about regarding my cervix, I feel like any other woman feels right before she starts TTC (I'd imagine): baby obsessed. We're searching for houses (side note: we may have found one!), and I keep thinking which room would be the best for a nursery, how great the living room would be for the baby to play in, if the backyard is big enough for a swing AND our dog, etc. At least I'm planning for the future, right? 

Today, J and I went to the zoo with another married couple of ours. If you've been to a zoo before, then you may realize how many people with children/babies go. Not the smartest decision for two (yes, she's in a similar situation as me) baby obsessed women. They were all such cute children, too! The husbands had a great time in the children's area playing with all of the stuff they have out, while we talked about the excitement of having kids soon to play with them! It was a good day- lots of fun! 

Sexually, we have a bit to make up for to get ready for TTC. Since I was told to wait a few weeks after the colposcopy/biopsy to have sex again in order to let my cervix heal, we've been abstaining. It still scares me that my cervix may not be fully healed. It's completely a mind thing. I'm hoping to turn that back around tonight? 

Oh, and I used the temperature adjuster for my temps this cycle since my waking times have been all sorts of screwed up, and it gave me crosshairs! I took my temperature at my normal time today, and it fit right in with what the adjusting temps were (about), so that's pretty awesome! I'm taking it with a grain of salt, though, since they're not my "real" temps. 

-CD 28: 7 DPO
-53 days until we're TTC!

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