Tuesday, November 25, 2008

End of the Week

I REALLY hope that the rest of this week goes by quickly. Yesterday and today have dragged on, and it's aggravating me. I really just want AF to start this weekend, so we can be on our first cycle already! Granted, It'll probably be a long time before I O again, but at least we'll by trying! I've gotten really jealous of all the girls who O so early (less than CD 20). At least then, you don't have to wait quite as long if the cycle doesn't work. I'm afraid cycles like this one (2 months!) are going to get REAL old when we're trying. Can I please have my 31 day cycle again? Oh well. At least I'm ovulating! That makes me think that I don't have the same thyroid issues that my mother and sister had (they didn't ovulate), so yay! Maybe I'll be that lucky fertile one? Ha. I dream.

-CD 45: 6 DPO
- about 4-10 days until we're TTC! How exciting!

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