Sunday, November 16, 2008

How much for this?

J and I worked at a garage sale hosted by his parents this weekend. Not too terribly exciting. It was so cold! (note: I have grown up in Houston and am, by many people's standards, weak when it comes to cold weather. It was in the 50s! ugh) We sold most of the stuff that we put into it, including a stereo and a desk, so we made pretty decent profit. We're planning on using that for christmas shopping, so that doesn't cut into our getting ready for house/baby savings. We only have my niece and my brother and his sister to get stuff for, so we'll have some leftover even! Of course, everything points to baby for me. His aunt had tons of her grandkids old stuff to sell. The best was this adorable little kid's size table. I just stared at it, envisioning how well it would look it the nursery that I have designed in my head. It sold. How sad. I did tell J that vision for the first time, though, and I showed him the bedding that I found/liked. He approved. Now, I want to buy it. First, we need to start trying. I am thinking that may be moved up... we went out to dinner with my sister, brother in law, and freakin' adorable nice tonight and J was a complete hog with her. I could see it in his eyes that he's ready for one he can take home with him. He was so devastated when we were leaving- barely even let me hug the poor girl good-bye before he snatched her and snuggled while carrying her to the car. He'll never admit it, but J's got the baby bug bad now!

-CD 36. FF says that i'm 17 DPO, but I know that's wrong. I think I may be ovulating around now, actually, based on the mass amounts of EWCM I've had. 
-45 days until we're TTC....or could it be less? hmm...

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