Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm inflammed

in the cervix, at least. My follow-up appointment was today and all is well. I don't even have to take any antiobiotics like I was thinking that I might. My cervix healed really well- my doctor was impressed. I'm excited to have it all over with!! I'll be going in every 6 months to have a pap smear for awhile, but after a few normal results then I'll go back to every year like a normal, non-inflammed woman. I guess it works out alright, though, because that corresponds exactly with when he wanted me to come back to discuss our next step if we're not pregnant yet (we're on the 6 month plan due to all the fertility issues with the women in our family). So, now it's on to waiting until we're officially TTC and then until May for my next pap!

-CD 25: No O. Blasted colposcopy stressed me out so much that I think it delayed it. Hopefully- I want to O, please! 
-56 days until we're TTC!

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