Friday, December 11, 2009

3 week PP appointment

So, I was terrified about anything going on down there. It wasn't bad at all, though. Phew. Everything looks great- healing just as it should be by this point. My stitches are all still there, but there are no signs of infection. They should be gone by my next appointment which will be a bit after 6 weeks due to the holidays- January 6th. I'm not complaining. At this point, I'm really not ready to hear that I'm cleared for sex yet. Although, I'd love to use a tampon! My PP bleeding has gotten substantially better over the last few days, so I'm hoping that I'm nearing the end. I'm tired of it. We discussed birth control, but we're just going to be using charting/condoms since my body has rejected every form of birth control I've ever taken. I just don't want to risk it anymore, especially since we wouldn't be horrified if we got pregnant again. I'd prefer to not until Jeffrey is about 1 year and weaned, but it wouldn't be devastating. The birthing center at my hospital is going to be completely redone in around 18 months, so I'd love to wait to make sure I'm having my second in the new fancy center! I'm also back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. Still not my pre-pregnancy body, though. That will come later. So far, so good!

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