Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa, meet Jeffrey...

My hospital has a support group for new moms (birth-12 months) every Wednesday morning, and today was the Christmas party! I got him all dressed up for the holidays (and myself, as well) and took him to play with some of the other kids. Low and behold, Santa showed up! Thankfully, I had my camera, so we have his first time to meet the infamous Santa Claus. He liked him- fascinated by the mass amount of hair, I think. Or, it may have been that he spotted the bunch of balloons on the ceiling right as I took his picture. haha. Either way, he's cute. He even got a stuffed duck for his very first present from Santa. There was a book exchange at the party, too, and he got a new Dr. Seuss book that we didn't have yet! Success!

Speaking of book exchanges, Jeffrey loves his two new books from his secret elf! Even though she's a little old for him, he may still have a tiny crush ;)

Pictures with Santa!!


Rachel H. said...

Too cute!! Looks like he did so well! :)

Lil'Misa said...

too cute! i love the onesie. :)