Monday, February 22, 2010

3 Months!

I guess my little man is finished with the fourth trimester! He's developing such a personality and is so fun to play and interact with. I love watching him learn and grow everyday, although it's hard to believe how fast it's happening. He is now sleeping in his crib, and we're working on getting better sleep. Naps have become somewhat difficult since he get's distracted so easily and wants to watch and play with everything. He's still all smiles 90% of the time and loves making noises, especially squeals. He loves the "tongue game", where we just stick our tongues out at each other. He's not quite laughing yet, but he has made a few giggles. We know that he's trying. He does have a silent laugh, haha. In summary, he's super fun to be around.

Jeffrey's 3 month milestones:

  • weighs about 12.7lb and is long (no idea on this one)
  • still wearing 3-6 or 6-9 month onesies. The 3 month Carters seem to fit him the best.
  • rolling back to belly
  • starting to really enjoy tummy time- almost more than laying on his back!
  • holds his head at a 90 degree angle when on his belly
  • looks all around during tummy time; turns his head both directions
  • reaches and grabs at things with 90% accuracy
  • can hold onto items and bring them to his mouth
  • is starting to reach for his feet. He LOVES when we bring them to his mouth
  • can hold his weight on his legs; holds himself up as long as we have his hands
  • is making vowel sounds and squeals

He has his 3 month appointment tomorrow!!

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