Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Moving to OS

Our Kissaluv diaper rental ends tomorrow (my little boy is 3 months tomorrow?!?), so that means that it is time to move to the big boy diapers that he'll have until he gets his first pair of Superman briefs. We bought a few of the diapers we thought would have the possibility of being "the one" that works the best for us. We've been trying them out throughout the week, although it's tough since they only get one use between washes. We're starting to get a good feel for what's going on, though.

Diapers in the running: BumGenius OS, Fuzzibunz OS, Rocky Mountain, Monkeysnuggles OS

They're all pretty great, although they're starting to fall into an order.

So far, I LOVE the Rocky Mountain diaper. First off, it's adorable with little monkeys on it. It's trim, and it holds in super poops. You really can't get much better than that. The part that makes it work so well is their leg system, which is crucial when you have Mr. Skinny Thigh.

In second place comes the BumGenius. Obviously, these wouldn't be as popular if they didn't work great. I like having the velcro still for a perfect fit.

Third comes the Fuzzibunz. I would like this one more than the BG if it didn't have the snap system that it does. We have to do some awkward snapping to fit around his belly since it's so thin. It's a great diaper, though.

The Monkeysnuggles has fabulous absorbancy, but it's leg holes are just a little too much for my little boy. It'll be a great diaper for nightime, though, when the likelihood of poop is much lower.

Based on our trials, I believe we'll be going for a mix of BG and Rocky Mountains. We get store credit for returning our trial which we'll use to get some BGs. We'll get the rest of our stash in Rocky Mountains. The tough part now is to get by with just our pre-folds and the tester diapers until the stash arrives!!

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