Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Awards Season!!

I've managed to accumulate 2 awards over this last week or so, and I'm just now getting my "interesting" facts put together. I really am super boring, so I apologize in advance.

First, I recieved the Sugar Doll Award from Mr. and Mrs. G , who is already 16 weeks along with her little baby G! For this award, you get 10 facts about me.

Second, the Beautiful Blogger award is from Mrs. Trophy Wife who has an adorable son, Sullivan, just a little bit younger than Jeffrey! She's much better about getting pictures on her blog than I am.

So, 17 facts about myself....

1. I can remember the exact moment that I fell in love with Jony. It was the summer before freshman year of high school, and we were all at a friend's house. I was sitting in the living room, and he walked into the kitchen. There was just something that happened when I saw him come in that changed my life forever. It took him a few more years ;)

2. I'm empathetic to a fault. Even if I haven't experienced the same problems/issues as someone, I can truly empathize for them. This became super hard to deal with when I started lurking/participating in The Bump and also when my friend irl had her miscarriage.

3. As ashamed as I am to admit it, I'm addicted to Farmville. I always hated the Facebook applications, but Jony convinced me to play it when I was at home waiting for Jeffrey to come out those last few weeks. Now, I can't stop. Sigh.

4. I pop almost everything you can think of. I started in middle school because it was the "cool" thing to do, and now I have to.

5. I had braces for 4 years in middle/high school. Then again for 6 months in college. That sucked.

6. I love sleeping. It's my favorite activity.

7. I'm not a neat/organized person, but I thrive off of to-do lists. I also have to have my planner with me at all times.

8. I get much more accomplished when I'm busy and stressed. My highest GPAs in college were when I had the most hours and the hardest classes, as well as the greatest responsibilities in my extracurricular.

9. The most fun I had in college was when I worked as a Writing Tutor in the library. Those were my best friends, and we had way too much fun. me=dork.

10. I was in a sorority- Zeta Tau Alpha, where I was the Scholarship Chair and then the Vice-President. This is usually a shock to people since I am not a "sorority girl" as they are usually percieved. (example: see #9, lol)

11. I've been involved in a creative problem solving organization, Odyssey of the Mind, since 4th grade (except for 5th). This is how I got to know Jony- he joined in 9th grade. Now, we're both State Problem Captains.

12. I love pretzels. I used to be obessed with them and could eat the all.the.time. I couldn't eat a single one while pregnant, though, and I'm just now starting to get back into it.

13. I eat a lot. I have a super fast metabolism, so you can't tell. I actually had medical issues with it being so fast in high school in regards to my reproductive system, so I never thought that I would be able to get pregnant.

14. To continue with that, my body rejects birth control. I've had at least 50% of the side effects listed, and it's caused some fairly severe health issues from not eating for a week (I didn't even realize it since I wasn't hungry at all) to cervical inflammation.

15. I like hosting parties and serving food for large amounts of people. I hate cooking food for only 2 people. Wierd, I know.

16. I used to play the Sims all the time and create my family. I always wanted to see which genders I would get when I played Jony and myself. We always got a boy, girl, and then a boy. We'll see how that plays in real life :) Some of the time, the girl and boy were twins. Yikes.

17. I cannot wait to be pregnant again and go through labor/delivery. I loved it. Don't count on seeing a BFP post this year, though. If I'm lucky, AF won't even come back until 2011.


mrs.g said...

Woohoo for another Sims player! I haven't played in forever though (I used to all.the.time). DH got me the new expansion pack for Christmas and it makes my game crash to desktop and I've been too lazy to patch it.

Lil'Misa said...

I used to play the Sims too but back when I was in college, so we are talking ::gulp:: 9 years ago.