Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Sunday

It was so nice not to have the party yesterday. Instead, we spent the day lounging around as a family. It was so needed, especially after the hurrendous work week that Jony just put in last week. We needed some quality time together. Jeffrey was SO excited to play with dad so much. Jony was probably more excited to play with Jeffrey. We all got some good rest, too. That always helps make for a great weekend. Jeffrey has formed himself a great little nap routine, and all of the family is much happier for it. It barely takes any effort at all to get him off into dreamland, and he's SUPER happy when he wakes up. I love all the smiles.

Today, while not quite as lazy and relaxing, still has the makings of a great day. Jony has all of our crap (excuse me: garage sale items) out of our garage and into his parents garage. They're planning a garage sale in 2 or so weeks- yay! Jony got a ping-pong table from work that will be filling up the space in the garage. I currently have the most unhealthy (and thus, the most delicious) casserole baking so that Jeffrey can take it to woo Miss Sophia while we all enjoy some hilarous commericals. Perhaps even a little football here and there.

As for my FIL, things are looking pretty good! He was put on antiobioics which seem to be working. Finally. His lungs are sounding a lot clearer, and he feels a lot better. All great things! My MIL is going against his wishes (hopefully she follows through) and pulling out the carpet in their house and getting someone to retile their shower and put new drywall up in their bathroom. Jony and his doctors are insisting that this should all be done before he gets home to make sure that all the mold/mildew is gone so that he doesn't flare back up again. No word yet on the immunce deficiency aspect- this is potentially the most serious part of it all. At least it's not life threatening anymore, though!

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