Thursday, February 4, 2010

FIL Update

So, it seems the infection has not gone away. He had been going to the specialist every day for the past week to get a small IV drip of antiobiotics, but that wasn't working as well as they had hoped. So, he's in the hospital for continuous IV. I feel bad for him since I hated the IV so much after I delivered. No word on if he'll be out soon or if we can still have the party.

I realize that I probably didn't sound like I really cared about his health in the last post, but it's because I (and Jony) care so much that we hate that he's not taking it seriously enough to help himself. I learned last night that fungal infections are only found in people with compromised immune systems, so forming a healthier lifestyle would help him tremendously. It's just so hard to think that, if nothing changes, my son could lose his grandfather before he gets to an age where he'd remember him. Our parents are already older for our age (one of the big reasons we started a family so early), so it's something we knew would happen eventually in his life while he's still pretty young. This is too young, though. Our hope is to have all four of our parents at his high school graduation. I fear that he'll be our only child that will have that :(

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