Monday, February 1, 2010


Jony was scheduled to go on a business trip all of next week, and I was terrifed. This raising a baby thing is hard enough with two people- how the heck could I do it alone?!? My prayers were answered- it was cancelled. YAY! I am not ready to be home alone for an entire week with a baby who has reverted back to only sleeping in 3 hour stretches while my husband is in Minnesota. Life is good again.

This Saturday, we're hosting a 30th anniversary shindig for my in-laws. Getting the house all spic and span and getting all the food stuff ready is on my agenda for the week. The thought of it all exhausts me. It should be a good time, though, and they'll be very surprised and happy. 30 years is an amazing milestone and so a little extra effort on my part is worth it.

Now that Jony is staying at home next week, maybe we can find something fun to do for Superbowl Sunday! Not that we're football fans (I know it's the Saints vs. ???), but I like to watch the commercials. I'd host a party, but I'm not ready to do that 2 days in a row. Time to start looking around!


mrs.g said...

Hey, I have a blog award for you back at my blog :)

Kismet21 said...

We are having some people over for Super Bowl Sunday...nothing fancy. Right now it is my mom, sister, and another couple. A few other folks may stop by. You are welcome to join us if you want. Just let me know. We will be doing a pot luck thing and maybe make some burgers.

Lil'Misa said...

Good thing he will be home. I couldn't imagine being all alone for one week, ah!