Wednesday, May 19, 2010

6 Months!

This milestone is a little bit harder to swallow than all of the other months. I mean, it means that he's been with us for HALF a YEAR! Unbelievable. It also means that we're closer to his 1st birthday than his birth, and that's super crazy to think about. The difference between then and now is remarkable.

Sleep is becoming hit or miss lately, although I'm super grateful that we're having a few hits. Every few nights, it's only one waking. Of course, it's about five the next. We're getting there, though, and it takes days like today when I see how fast it's going to remind me that he won't want anything to do with me in no time at all. Especially at night (unless he wants money, of course). He's napping great now, so that's awesome. His little personality is budding more and more each day, and he is hilarious! He LOVES peek-a-boo and is really working on his mobility. The kid wants to walk. Yesterday. He's so strong and just a remarkably awesome kid.

We went to the pedi yesterday, and all is well! He's definitely focusing on growing lengthwise rather than outwards, but that's to be expected in our family. With a 6'4'' daddy and a 5'9'' mommy, I have no clue where he's getting his height from! She was very impressed with his skills and gave us the all clear for solids any way we feel is best for him. Since he's breastfed, she's not real particular about making sure he gets food/water. He had a rough go after his shots, but after a good nap he was up and ready for the world. Such a trooper.

6 Month Stats:

  • 15 lb 4oz and 27.5 inches
  • wearing Carter's 6 month clothes primarily. We're transitioning him out of the onesie into little shirt and short sets. Sad, yet adorable.
  • has a consistent bedtime routine and goes down super easily. Just working on those wakings still!
  • started solids and already has stinky poop
  • is sitting unassisted with very few falls now
  • practically crawling
  • get get from a sit to crawl position and vice versa
  • when on all fours, he stands up on his back legs (like plank, if you know yoga)
  • can pull up if you place him in front of something
  • walks when you hold his arms
  • can stand with just holding one of his arms or by holding onto a piece of furniture without any help
  • can hold two objects at once
  • has precise aim- can even switch a lightswitch to the off position
  • mimics facial expressions and sounds (he goes real low when my dad is around- hilarious)

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