Saturday, May 15, 2010


Yesterday was quite an eventful day in the career happenings in my life. I got to experience both sides of the spectrum.

Fired: I wasn't actually fired, I suppose. I currently work about 15 hours a week at a local Curves. We had a mandatory staff meeting last night and were told that we're closing down mid July. This was no surprise, and it's quite a relief. I was probably going to be turning in my 2 weeks notice after the cruise in June because the work hours were just conflicting too much with Jeffrey's bedtime and we want to use the grandmas to go on dates instead of watching him while I work. With work not being a necessity, not doing it seemed like the best option. So, only about two more months of being a Circuit Trainer (lol).

Hired: Even though the money isn't "needed," it sure is nice to have a little extra spending money. Especially since we're going to start signing Jeffrey up for classes and such soon. So, when the opportunity presented itself for me to be one of the nursery workers at the church, I accepted. I'll be the one playing with the infants on Sunday mornings during church. I can take Jeffrey, and it's only one day a week. Awesome. Even if there are no kids, I still get paid for two hours. Nice.

I'm also working on applying to get certified in something completely new and different for me, but that's another post. For being a stay at home mom, I'm quite the working girl!

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