Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm Taking Over

The last 5.5 months, Jony has been helping me at night. I'd get up and feed him and then pass him off to be put to sleep. I've mentioned before, I believe, that I have a horrible time of getting him to go to sleep. He just doesn't do it for me. It's been nice (for me) to have to share the nighttime responsibility. I can tell that it's starting to get to him, though, with Jeffrey waking up so frequently lately. So, the last few nights I've been trying to get him down after I nurse. On Monday and Tuesday, I was successful, but he woke up 15 minutes later. Ugh. Last night, though, I got him to sleep TWICE. I'm so proud of myself, and Jony was able to get six hours of uninterrupted sleep.

The bad part for me? I usually get up with him when he wakes up (about 7ish) and feed him. Then, Jony will get up and play with him/get ready for work. It usually works out for Jony to then put Jeffrey down for his morning nap and then leave. Well, today Jeffrey didn't get up until almost 8. So, I didn't get that 3-4ish good stretch of sleep like I normally do. Darn. Maybe tomorrow...

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Rachel H. said...

Hope sleep starts getting better! It's so much easier when you share the responsibility of getting up with them, isn't it?! :) By the way, stop by my blog to enter in a baby/kid related giveaway! :)