Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's my birthday/ Halfway Report

Our trip has been great so far! It's been hot weather, but that's how I like it. I feel comfortable and at home, haha! Chicago was an amazing city; we could have easily spent the rest of the week there. We walked a lot, and I'm still feeling it. It takes a bit to adjust to being in a city with public transit. We're way too used to cars. Jeffrey is a fabulous traveler and has been in a fantastic mood the entire time. Seriously- zero problems. He's in a better mood than he is at home! The condo we were in in Chicago was a bit tricky since it was not child proofed at all. Our little guy is on the go now! He's even started pulling up on things if they're a certain height for him!

We are now in Lansing, Michigan for the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals (you should look it up- it's an awesome organization that you should get your kids in if you can). We got a suite (woo-hoo!), so we have plenty of room for the little guy to romp and play. Jeffrey and I are the "Howdy Committee"- representatives from Texas Odyssey to the teams that are competing from Texas. Basically, we go see as many of their performances as we can and give them a little bag of goodies. I get to wear a cowboy hat, LOL! Jony is an actual judge, so we won't see him too often during the day. Jeffrey is currently taking a nap before we get started on our duties. Michigan State University is a beautiful campus and with the gorgeous weather, it should be a great trip!

I'm super glad things are going well- both for the obvious reason that they're going well and because it's my birthday today! Yay! Nothing too special, but I did get an e-mail from Jony (who left before we woke up) saying that he appreciates me and hopes that I have a great birthday! We'll do the birthday dinner thing when we get back home.

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