Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jeffrey Hits the Gym

Yesterday, Jeffrey and I loaded ourselves up to try out the free trial class at The Little Gym near us. My niece has been going there since she was about 15 months (she's now 3!) and LOVES it. She talks about her dance class that she's in now all the time and has always invited for us to come watch her. She has her first "recital" on June 2nd, and we're all pretty excited for her. So, anyways, we know quite a bit about the place. We live closer to another location, so I wanted to test out the people and place that we'd be at. He was in the Bugs class, which is for babies about 6 months to about 10 months. Obviously, Jeffrey is a tad young, but we're looking to start in the summer or fall, and he'll be well into that category by then.

The verdict? He LOVED it. Smiles, laughs the ENTIRE time. He had so much fun watching all the other kids about his age and was willing to try every single activity. He's my brave little guy. The coaches were so impressed with him, and he was in now way the runt of the class. Even though he was the youngest. My little go-getter. He did some forward rolls, backwards rolls, some handstands on the bars, climbed up the triangle mat, did some sitting practice on the inflatable thingie, and had some fun going back and forth on a ring into a forward roll. He was also practicing his standing skills on the soft steps. It's probably obvious, but a good portion of these activities were done with either myself or the coaches. Needless to say, he was exhausted after the hour of absolute thrills. He passed out before we were out of the parking lot.

We're going to the trial class at Gymboree next Tuesday, and we'll make a final decision from there. It definitely made an impact on my little guy, though!

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Kismet21 said...

That sounds like fun. Maybe we can come with you sometime.