Friday, May 21, 2010

BLW: Apples

We started him on his second food yesterday: apples. After bananas went so well, I went ahead and made out our list of when we're introducing each food. The plan is to give him something new every Sunday and Thursday, which puts us finishing foods about January. Ha. I give us about a month before we just start giving what we're having. We'll start out slow and like good parents, though. (Note: Nobody in either of our families have food allergies, so Jeffrey's very low risk. There is a chance, but it's not likely).

Anyways, apples went over alright. He didn't seemed horribly thrilled by them. He does enjoy playing with the spoon, so he liked applesauce for that reason. He also liked that he could pick up the apple slices much easier than the banana. He just gummed them, which is what I expected. Apples are a bit tricky to take a bite out of! We're going to do some baked apples for dinner tonight, and I suspect he'll like that. Especially since we'll be eating some, too.

Since we'll be on vacation until Memorial Day, he sadly has to wait awhile before an exciting new food (which will be avocado, if you were wondering). We do have puffs and rice cakes for him to enjoy so that we just don't stop solids all together. Hope it all goes well!

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Alyssa said...

Be careful with raw apples, they are more allergenic than cooked apples (like applesauce). :)