Thursday, August 19, 2010

9 Months!

Wow. What a month. He has grown so much- both physically and emotionally. It's been amazing to just sit back and watch this little person form his own individuality. It's easy to do when you have such an independent child who just wants you to sit there until he requests your presence be included in his playtime, haha! He's so much fun- constantly smiling, laughing and on the go! It's exhausting, but it's such a fun age that you can't complain too much.

He got an A+ at his 9 month appointment today and was received well by all (even for not napping at ALL beforehand). As usual, he gets called a Gerber baby wherever he goes and gets loved on by all the nurses and his pedi. He gets some good practice flirting at the doctor. Everything looks excellent, she was impressed by his eating, and he took his one shot very well! I cannot believe that the next appointment I will make is for 12 months. ONE YEAR. crap.

9 Month Stats:

  • 18lb 4oz and 28.5 inches long
  • mostly in 6 month tops onesies and 9 month shorts, although there's still a sprinkling of all the sizes thrown in there
  • taking two strong naps with no issues; goes to sleep about 9-11pm- he's been having a rough few weeks due to teething, so nighttime is not his strongest point (was it ever?)
  • He's a superstar eater and can/will eat anything offered to him. He's perfected his pincer grasp. Favorite foods: blueberries, nectarines, chicken, corn, and broccoli and cheese casserole
  • still only has his bottom two teeth
  • can take one step! He's currently taken three steps total so far.
  • walking all over the place with either his push walker or with our hands
  • standing unassisted for however long he wants to
  • can climb over things (crawling and cruising) and can go up the stairs
  • has said 'mama' a sprinkling of times and seems to be working on 'dada' and 'coco'

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