Monday, August 16, 2010

One Small Step

Walking has become a theme in our house. He wants to walk everywhere. We've definitely been noticing an independent spirit emerging amidst all of this "walking" he's been doing and, lately, it's become obvious that the fact that we're holding his hands has become more of an emotional crutch than actual physical support for him. If he's distracted, he'd easily walk with just one hand with no issue (he'd hold onto the other way too tightly to let go). He got a push walker this weekend and is obsessed with it. We have to have it with us everywhere we go in the house because he MUST walk, and we just do not cut it anymore. He wants to do it himself. So, for fun last night, we decided to stand him up in between us and see what would happen. I was singing and just basically distracting him from thinking too hard about it, and he took a step towards me! It was definitely no stumble, as he just falls to his knees when he falls. It was a full out baby step, which makes sense since he IS a baby. He's only 8 (almost 9) months old! We're still not going to encourage it too much since Jony doesn't want to miss him really start to walk while he's on his business trip next week, but there's only so much we can keep him from doing.

Also, it may be complete coincidence, but we've been wondering if his poor sleeping (worse than usual, I'll add) has been a wakeful of some sort or because of him working on walking. Last night, he slept really well. Better than normal, actually...


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Lil'Misa said...

Vera - even if you don't "encourage" the walking he will still find a way. We didn't "encourage" Carter's walking but he finds a way, pushing chairs, laundry baskets, etc all around the house.