Monday, August 30, 2010

So, I survived

Last week was pretty rough at times with Jony being in Minnesota, but I'm pretty proud of myself for making it through. I only had one major breakdown when Jeffrey refused to sleep one of the nights, but Jony talked me through it over the phone. The positive aspect of that night was that I didn't have to sleep alone! In reality, it went really well. Sure, I was tired and would have gladly just sat and stared at a wall for an hour just so that I didn't have to think about anything, but I managed. I kept us pretty busy- trips to the library, zoo, The Little Gym, lunch with my sister, swimming, going to visit baby Jacob, going to the gyno, etc. That definitely helped pass the time. Evening seemed to be the worst when it was obvious that there was someone missing at the dinner table. Jony is such an integral part of nighttime, so that was pretty rough, too. Jeffrey was super confused why I was giving him his baths and was very glad to have his daddy time back. I spent the weekend recovering by having some "me" time, nap time, and family time. I think we're back on track for real life now!

In Jeffrey news, he's perfecting the climb. He can get into practically anything now, and nothing works as a blockade. Cue major exhaustion for mommy.


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