Tuesday, August 31, 2010

K: Kids

This is a part of my ABCs of (my) Parenting series

It's apparently become that time in my child's life where it's expected that I make some sort of large announcement on when #2 will be arriving. For some, it should have been made even earlier. It's such a personal and wierd thing to have people constantly asking me about that, or, even worse, using Jeffrey as a means to get the info. For example, "Don't you just want a little sibling, Jeffrey? When is momma going to get you one?" Yeah, awkward. On the opposite side of the spectrum, I'm constantly hearing stories about how crazy these other women are for getting pregnant so quickly. What?!? I see there's no winning here. Mainly, I think I just frustrate these women (none are close friends/family, btw) that I won't tell them our plans because, as we all know, we're not really the ones who get to make that choice in the end. Sure, we get to decide when we're going to start actively trying, but it could happen earlier or it could happen much later than that. It's a much smarter decision to just not say, I think. That's in my real life, though. I have no problems with sharing on here (or even in real life if you're special enough, ha!)

There's still a question on whether we want two or three children. That won't be answered anytime soon, either. We're planning on having our second child and then giving ourselves a year or two to make an informed decision. With number 3 will have to come a new house, and that's a big factor. Sure, they could share a room, but it's not our preferred choice. #2, though? That's definitely happening. I cannot wait. But I can. I want another one but not just yet. We have decided that the trying will begin summer of next year. It's exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time. Jeffrey will be about 18 months at that time, and that age gap seems just about perfect for us. We can potentially do a diaper shift from him to the next munchkin with very little to no overlap!

However it works out, I'm so excited to see how our little family evolves. Jony and I both love children and are just soaking in the experience of having one of our own. I know it will be truly amazing when there is one (possibly two) more additions.


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