Friday, August 20, 2010

A Best Friend

I've got this friend that I've grown up with. By far, she is my closest friend, and I'm so thankful for having her in my life. We met in 5th grade on the first day of school. I transferred from the elementary school that my dad taught at to go to the school I was zoned for. Horrific. I LOVED my school; why would I want to leave all of my friends? It completely sucks to transfer at the highest grade a school offers. All of these people had been in school since the get-go and had their friends. No one wanted a newbie in their group. I had the same issue then as I do now- I suck at making friends. Well, this girl walked up to me on the playground and asked me to play with her. I still get teary thinking of how special that made me feel. We became immediate friends. We were the best friends anyone could ask for that entire year. From 6th-12th grade, we were good friends, although we had drifted apart. In retrospect, we're glad about that because we were never close enough to go through the catty crap that girls do in high school. So, our friendship survived. It survived through college. We planned our weddings together (hers was a month before mine), and we did couple dates and met for girl lunches. The stuff that best friends do.

Now, it's the next stage of life for our friendship. I have a son, and she is currently in labor with a son. And, no doubt, they will be best friends. I cannot wait to hear that Jeffrey's new little buddy has joined the world.

ETA: He arrived at 5:30pm at a whopping 8lb 14oz and 21 inches. All natural!


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