Monday, August 23, 2010

I survived

I managed to make it through the first evening and night by myself. I'm pretty proud, I've gotta say. I didn't get frustrated at all. I guess it's true that the maternal instincts really pick up when they need to. I was pretty emotional when Jony left- sad he was leaving mixed in with the horrifying aspect of being by myself with this tiny little being. Jeffrey was great: he ate, we went on a walk in which he fell asleep and then napped for two hours. It was great to get my head in the game (High School Musical, anyone? LOL) and collect myself for the coming few days. He went to sleep easily and only woke up three times, and I was able to nurse him down with no issues for all three. So, it was a pretty good sleep. I'll be happy if that's how the next three nights go, as well.

I'm trying to pack our schedule pretty full so that time will pass. Plus, I'm always a better mother when I get out with him. There are still some empty slots, but I'm hoping to fill them up with something. Even if it's just wandering the mall. So, here we are at the first full day alone. Yikes.


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