Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm Terrified

At this point a week from today, I will be all alone. Just me and the little guy. For almost a week. Yikes. To say that I'm scared and nervous would be a tremendous understatement on my part. From day one, Jony has been 100% involved in taking care of Jeffrey, and I've come to rely on having a partner there all the time to back me up. Heck, he's even had the flexibility in his job to work from home so that he can be there if I have a freak out in the middle of the day (those who also live day to day with babies who don't sleep know that little things can become huge when you are so dang exhausted). So, to think that I will be with the little man constantly ALONE for 4 whole days and nights is super frightening. I'm booking up my days to help time go by and avoid getting cabin fever, but the nights? Oh dear. Wish me LOTS of luck!!

In thinking about next week, I have really thought about the women that do this on a constant basis, if not constantly. They are superstars and will be my inspiration for the entire week.


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Lil'Misa said...

You can do it Vera! I would be terrified too because hubby is SO very helpful.